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Give your home or office a new character with wall decor painting

Every home or office has a story to tell. Let art be the form of expression for you. And there is no best medium other than the walls of your haven. At JAF Painting, we believe that everyone deserves to get the best way to express their creativity while styling their homes or offices. We come across as the preferred choice of several businesses and homeowners in UAE for wall decor painting.

How many times have you desired to change the way the interiors of your home or office look? How many times have you dismissed the idea of painting your walls with something different? Instead of putting aside these projects, you can get in touch with our team at JAF Painting. 

Our stellar team of artists know wall décor painting like no other company and pursue the art with great enthusiasm and passion. To get over the boredom from dull and worn-out wall colors, reach out to us to give your home a fresh and artsy look.

Wall Art

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add character to any room is by adding a wall art. With a wall art of your choice, you can be confident that you have invested in not just a decorative element, but a priceless and unique artwork that truly makes your home shine. If you are looking for a way to make your home or office feel like a heaven, then a decorative  wall art painting may be exactly what you are looking for.


Why go for our wall decor painting services?

 At JAF Painting, we provide the most authentic and creative wall décor painting services at extremely affordable rates. Besides the price, give our services a try because:

We give you a choice

There are a plethora of designs for wall décor available in the market place. It can be a decor design, artwork, graffiti, or anything special and artistic. Selecting one from so many is certainly one of the most daunting tasks you may have to do while designing your home or office. That’s where we step in. We offer you a wide range of choices and advise you which one will suit your style. Our team will help you choose a design that accentuates the beauty of your space and increases the wow factor of your interiors. You can also give us your design to make your dream come true.

We help you express yourself

Our team of painters at JAF Painting is creative because of their empathetic nature. We try to understand your need and your personality and then come up with a color scheme and design that is in line with everything. Our wall décor painting services are a way for you to express yourself through us. We give you the space to tell us your requirements, and we strive to turn your imagination into reality. No matter what your personality, hopes, mood, and feelings are, we seek to bring them to life through eye-catching wall art.

We add a focal point to your home or Office

Every home or office needs a central theme for viewers to pay attention to it. That’s exactly what we at JAF Painting do through our wall décor painting. We ideate a theme that becomes the focal point of your home or office and gives it a new character altogether. By mixing different shades and hues of color, we can come up with a creation that speaks volumes about your inner world. Whether you want it richly attractive or starkly elegant, we will ensure that your home or office drops a few jaws.

We personalize your project

At JAF Painting, we just jump into the project with our paints and brushes. We take a while to study your space and then start work. Professionalism and punctuality are something we value greatly at our company. Besides the style you need, we also customize the time of service to make the experience convenient. So, our wall décor painting services at JAF Painting are highly personalized as a part of our client-first approach.

Crowne Plaza

Wall Design

The great thing about a wall design is that there are so many styles and designs to choose from. You can go for patterns, geometrical shapes, flowers, and plants, or the numerous finishes and textures such as stained-glass finish, coral finish, and canfor finish. You can also have stencil designs and gold-silver leafing. If there are no ready-made designs that match your preferences, you can even have your own wall design custom-made by professional artists with years of experience. This way, you can have the exact design you want for your wall design.

How do we work?

At JAF Painting, we have set up an extremely easy process to get our wall décor painting services. Your convenience is our top-most priority, and we strive to fulfill it in the best way possible.

Meet our representative

At first, we give you a free quote after scheduling a meeting with one of our representatives. We will take down notes of all your needs and get going with planning your entire project accordingly. Tell us all your needs in detail, and we will make sure we fulfill them. 

Define the scope of the project

After the preliminary meeting, we give you a detailed quote and discuss the entire scope of the project. We will advise you on design, colors, materials, and overall pricing so that you are left with no doubts or complaints.

Schedule your project

After you sign the quote, you give us your convenient dates for starting the wall décor painting project. Since we take care of your convenience and comfort, we are ready to accommodate and adjust as per your timings.

Project delivery

Timeliness is something we seek to show in every wall décor painting project we undertake. After completing the above formalities, our painters get going with executing the project. We will always keep you informed at each stage and accept your recommendations if any. 

If you are looking for efficient, timely, and creative wall décor painting services, then you can get in touch with us at +971 567682369 or We will be glad to help you.

Wall Finish

If you like adding your personality to the spaces you occupy or some depth and character to your house, then decorative wall finish is a great way to do exactly that. You can go for various wall textures including Brick Finish, Concrete Wall Finishes, Plaster Wall finish, Stucco Wall Finish, Pebbles Finish, Flakes Finish, Coral Finish, Canfor Finish and Sand Textured Finish.


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