Artwork styles range from various ways of painting with a brush to carving wood to fusing found pieces to create something new.We provide all types of artwork including 3D Carving,Oil Painting,Portrait Painting,Graffiti Painting and Abstract Painting provided by top-notch artists in the UAE

Art Work

Oil Painting

  • Oil Painting is arguably the second oldest of artwork styles. While oil painting emerges as early as the fifth century A.D., it came into its own during the 15th century, when it replaced tempera painting as the premier medium for fine art on canvas. Using a process that binds color pigment into oil-linseed, poppyseed, walnut, or safflower-artists create vibrant and rich colors through layering paint, either wet or dry. Noted artists of this style include Rembrandt, Vermeer, Picasso, and da Vinci.

3D Carving

3D Carving typically refers to three-dimensional relief carvings from wood or stone and, in the modern use of the term, is a relative newcomer to artwork styles. While general wood carving is one of the oldest arts, modern 3D carving uses machines, routers, and pattern templates. Archaeologists trace both wood and stone sculpture reliefs back to the ancient civilizations of Greece and Egypt. The fundamentals of stone carving have changed little since then, but the establishment of guilds in the Middle Ages solidified their techniques, lasting to modern day.

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Mural Painting

  • The sky is the limit for mural paintings. They can be done indoors, outdoors, by teams of craftsmen or skilled or novice painters. Most of us have touched a mural painting, all of us have written or drawn on some wall, somewhere. Mural paintings can have a sensational effect whether deliberately or subliminally on the perspectives of people, once they are added to places where individuals live and work. It’s also experienced that mural paintings can add significant improvement to the everyday lives of inhabitants or that of workers at a company setting.

Graffiti Painting

Perhaps some of the oldest known artistic expressions are nothing more than graffiti. In Indonesia, scientists dated the outlines of human hands at almost 40,000 years old. Even in that ancient age, someone felt the need to make their mark, to prove their existence. In that same vein, modern graffiti painting has finally taken its place as a recognized artwork style. A highly expressive form of art, graffiti has been associated with vandalism, gang signs, and anti-social behavior. However, in the late 20th century, artists such as Keith Haring in New York and Banksy in England swayed public opinion from criminality to artistic expression.

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Portrait Painting

  • Portrait Painting also called as Figurative Art is an artwork style that explores the human experience. Some portraits show their subject as documented in a moment of time, but many explore the artist’s interpretation of their subject. You can contrast the more realistic style found in Jan van Eyck’s “The Arnolfini Portrait,” or da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” to the purely abstract portraits by Modigliani and Picasso. One explanation of the rise of abstract portraits in the 20th century is the discovery of photography for capturing a realistic portrait. Fine artists were no longer required to paint a flattering or historical portrait. They were free to explore their subjects in ways not fiscally workable for starving artists in past times.

Abstract Painting

The widespread use of photography is the key factor for abstract painting becoming a popular artwork style. Once we could capture the realities of life on film, artists were free to explore nature, the human form, and other subjects with wild abandon. Abstract techniques remove anything literal-distancing the artwork from the actual world. Artists are free to explore qualities such as emotion, color, form, texture, and scale. Abstract work solicits the most extreme public responses, from adoration to hate. American cartoonist Al Capp called abstract art – a product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.

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