Painting has been a method of articulation and imagination. Glass is probably the best medium that can be utilized in contemporary and theoretical workmanship. As part of our glass painting services Dubai, we provide all types of glass painting including glass back painting, antique finishes and other glass artwork.

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Custom Glass Art Services Jaf Dubai

  • Glass Art generally refers to any piece of artwork on the glass that is used for decorative purposes. The use of glass in artistic creation as a base like a canvas for painting is significantly changed and created from the time it has existed in style, reason and method. They can be anything from drawings of plants, emotions, buildings, scenery or any other illustration. It’s generally used for wall decoration or for glass panels of doors and windows of homes or business. The professional artists at Jeel Al Fan Paints Cont. (JAF) take up glass artwork and hold the expertise required to paint any custom design provided by the client.

Antique Finish

Antique Glass Painting has been on high demand over the past several years due to its possibility of creating artistic extravaganza and its luxurious look. Antique finishes have the power to bring back memories and digs up feelings of nostalgia. Any type of antique drawing can be made on the glass surface with utmost perfection and craftsmanship. It can be used for both interior and exterior applications in villas, apartments, shops, hotels, offices and more. Whatever their style may be, antique finishes in glass paintings are classic designs that will never go out of fashion.

Decorative Antique Finish Painting Services Jaf Dubai
Decorative mirror on walls services Jaf Dubai

Decorative Mirror

  • A decorative mirror not only serves the purpose of a mirror but also improves the aesthetic appeal of a space, whether it is at home, store, or office. Decorative mirrors are created by producing the desired design on a mirror according to the client needs. It can cause your space to feel bigger. Reflections open up a room, causing little spaces to feel greater and adding visual magic to office and family spaces. If you are looking for glass painting services near me, then connect with us to get the mirror of your dreams which complement the decor of your room from the experts in the niche.

Back Painted Glass

A paint coating when applied to glass that totally covers the surface makes it opaque and available in various solid and metallic colors.Back painted glass is considered as an alternative to tiles with the added advantage of being a shiny and glossy marvellous decorative material. In some applications,the glass can be partially coated with clear areas for design.Typical applications of back painted glass are wall cladding,spandrel glass,furnitures and for interior applications such as backsplashes,shower walls,closet doors,countertops,cabinet inserts,table tops,tiles,walls and dry erase surfaces.

Back painted art services Jaf Dubai
Custom Mashrabiya Pattern Art Services Jaf Dubai

Mashrabiya Pattern

  • Mashrabiya patterns are Islamic designs based on shapes such as squares, circles, polygons, lines etc.. In other words, it’s all about designs based on geometrical shapes. These Arabic decorative patterns are good fit for both interior and exterior applications. Any type of Mashrabiya pattern can be painted on glass for doors, windows or any other suitable fitting. Today, mashrabiya pattern designs have become more popular and adopted in many other parts of the world apart from the Middle East.

Beveled Glass Design

Beveled Glass is one of the most popular forms of decorative glass. Beveled glass design adds a charming appeal to glasses and mirrors, giving your space a luxurious and glamorous look.Our beveled glass designs can be joined with stained glass overlay borders to create stunning doors and windows for your home or business. We provide custom beveled designs for front doors and landing windows. There are hundreds of stock patterns to choose from and with the addition of diamonds, squares, rectangles, and teardrops, the limitations of design are truly endless.

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