Gold or Silver leafing for your home or office by the top-notch artists in the United Arab Emirates. We provide gold or silver leafing decorative painting for wall and ceiling according to your needs and specifications.


Gold leafing and silver leafing are common art practices that are used to create a wide range of exquisite artworks. How are they made? Do they use real gold? Which kinds of artworks can be made using gold and silver leafing? Gold leaf is real gold that is hammered into very fine, thin sheets through a process known as goldbeating. Gold leaf is available in a wide range of shades and karats, but in most cases, 22-karat yellow gold is used for gold leafing.

When the gold leaf is used to adorn any kind of surface by layering it on top of the surface, the process as known as gilding or gold leafing. The most highly regarded form of gilding is a process known as traditional water gilding. It has been in practice for hundreds of years, and until today, the process is more or less unchanged. It is done carefully by hand by trained professionals. Similarly, silver leafing is a process where the silver leaf is layered on a surface to adorn and decorate it. Silver leaf is thin sheets of real silver that have been hammered down in a process that is similar to goldbeating.

Innovative Gold And Silver Leafing

Hign Quality Gold And Silver Leafing Material

  • Gold leafing and silver leafing are commonly used by artists all over the world. Even ancient artifacts from various civilizations are adorned using gold and silver leafing. Especially today, many modern artists use this technique to adorn their work. Gold leaf and silver leaf have the unique ability to accentuate form as well as color, thanks to their bright and dazzling appearance. These techniques can immediately turn any painting or other artworks into ethereal masterpieces that are truly unique in their own rights. It is no wonder that they are in such high demand.