Stencil Design Painting for your home or office by the top-notch artists in the United Arab Emirates. We provide stencil design painting on any surface according to your needs and specifications.


Stenciling is a popular form of art that is known for its unique technique. To create a stencil design, the artist uses cardboard with specific shapes cut in holes as the base for the artwork, passing paint or ink over these holes to create the shape or outline of the object onto the canvas or any other material used. In other words, when ink or paint is applied to the area that has been cut out, an image in that shape is formed on the surface beneath.

Stencil art was around the 20th century that stencil design was used for making a wide variety of artworks such as fine paintings and mimeographs. Since then, it has grown into a popular technique with numerous applications. 


In fact, stenciling is considered by many artists as one of the most effective and most commonly used forms of graffiti and street art. As such, the rise of urban art and stencil design are closely related.

Innovative Stencil Designs

Hign Quality Stencil Materials

  • As opposed to large street arts and paintings, stencil design can also be used for making quick and simple artworks. This is perhaps why they are so popular. Stencil designs can be very diverse and versatile, making them ideal for huge street arts, fine paintings, and even simple and small artworks.

  • If you are looking for decorative artworks that are versatile in design and style but still have their unique charm, then a stencil design may be the right solution for you.