Mashrabiya Pattern Glass for your home or office by the top-notch artists in the United Arab Emirates. We provide mashrabiya pattern glass painting work according to your needs and specifications.

Mashrabiya Pattern

Custom mashrabiya pattern art services Jaf Dubai

  • A mashrabiya is an Islamic architectural element that is seen in the buildings of many Islamic countries. It is also commonly referred to as a harem window. However, today, it has become extremely popular and adopted in many other parts of the world. A mashrabiya is a type of window that projects out from the wall of the building. This window is enclosed with intricately-carved wood latticework, and sometimes, the stained glass may also be used to enhance its aesthetic appeal. It can also be considered an enclosed balcony of sorts that ensures privacy and allows the easy flow of cool air.

A mashrabiya pattern, then, is the pattern of the latticework in such windows. Apart from its unique pattern, the mashrabiya also has a very practical function. It serves as effective protection from intense sunlight, which is common among Islamic Middle East countries. Today, the mashrabiya pattern serves more of an aesthetic purpose. Its unique and intricate latticework is often used to cover not just walls, but even entire buildings. As such, it has become more or less an oriental ornament that gives whole buildings a unique identity that is easily identifiable.

Mashrabiya pattern art on wall services Jaf Dubai
Mashrabiya pattern arts services Jaf Dubai

  • A mashrabiya pattern is great if you are looking for a way to add some unique elements to your space. The patterns can be painted on glass by experienced artists so that you have glasses or windows that look like a mashrabiya. Today, it may not be ideal or practical for you to have a real mashrabiya window or balcony in your home as the small openings in the latticework allows dust, dirt, and insects to enter. But with the mashrabiya pattern painted on glasses, you can have the best of both worlds.