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High Quality glass partition & other Glass works to enhance the decor of your home or office


If you want to make your home or office beautiful, there are different ways to do so. One of the best ways is by using glass in your interior decor. Glass can transform your interiors and make it aesthetically more pleasing. Glass allows you to bring the beauty of the outside world into your home. It allows you to bring natural light into the living area. The nature of the material is such that it is practical to use and adds value to your home.

Glass Partition

Offices need partitions to separate cubicles. Metal partitions are dull and ruin the appearance of your office. A glass partition would be a great idea. It gives you the functional benefit of serving as a partition. It also acts as an interior decor element that instantly enhances the appearance of your office. Glass allows natural light and makes the office look brighter. This can automatically improve the mood of people working in the office.

Glass partitions make your office look bigger. They ensure transparency and creates a feeling of an open work environment. If you want privacy, you can use tinted glass. Using glass can make your workspaces soundproof. You can even use glass partitions for home interiors. It is a great idea to create a separate space.

Glass Partition

Back painted glass

We offer a variety of back painted glass products for the interior design of your home or office. We prepare back painted glass by painting one side of the glass, making it opaque. The unpainted side would be installed facing outwards. This design adds a special look to the room or space where it is installed. Many homes are using back-painted glass installations instead of wallpapers to make their home look contemporary in design.

You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom or your office space. It can be used as a marker board in conference rooms. With many color and pattern options, back-painted glass adds a special look to your interiors.

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Shower Glass

Shower glass involves the use of glass in your bathroom to create a cubicle for the shower area. It allows you to create a separate shower area without making your bathroom look cramped. The shower glass can be frosted, clear, tinted, rain, or shattered type.

We offer custom shower glass doors, partitions and cubicles of different sizes. You can select the size as per your bathroom dimensions and your needs. Using glass makes maintenance very easy. The glass used is sturdy and durable. You can get the design of your choice that matches your bathroom design. You can get rid of the boring shower curtain and install shower glass to give a new look to your bathroom.

Shower Glass

Decorative Mirror

The basic function of a mirror is to allow you to see yourself when you get dressed. Decorative mirrors go beyond this basic function. They can be used as a part of the interior design of your home or office. A decorative mirror can have an antique frame. It can also have a modern or contemporary look. Using decorative mirrors creates the effect of more space in your home or office. They create the effect of both space and depth.

We offer decorative mirrors of different shapes and designs. We can provide you custom sizes and designs to suit your requirements. Whether it is a wall mirror or a mounted mirror, decorative mirrors can transform your interiors dramatically.


You can get in touch with us for the best glass work for your home or office. Whether it is for partitions in your office or for your home shower partition, we provide the best quality glass products. All our products can be custom-made. You can decide the type of design and specifications, we will make it for you. We supply glass products and install them for you.

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