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Portrait Painting

Portrait painting arts services Jaf Dubai

  • In simple terms, portrait painting is a painting of a person, with a focus on the face. Portrait paintings are among the most popular genres of painting and have been around for centuries. Famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa and Portrait of Jan Six are among the most well-known portrait paintings in the world.

  • Traditional portrait paintings usually feature the subject, that is, the person being painted, from the shoulders or waist up. Sometimes, the painting may be a full-body painting, but the main theme or focus will always be the face.

Traditionally, the subject sits in front of the painter and their easel while they are painted, but today, people don’t have time to sit for hours and even days to get painted. So, instead, artists use pictures for reference.

While a portrait painting is very much about the subject, the artist cannot be completely removed from it either. Even if a traced image is used for the painting, you will see some unique and distinct traces of the artist in the painting. This is exactly why choosing the right artist for your portrait painting is so important.

Portrait painting arts services Jaf Dubai
Custom portrait Painting services Jaf Dubai

  • In the olden days, people took great pride in their portrait paintings. It was usually something that was done by wealthy people belonging to the high class. As such, people placed a lot of care and importance in the artists they chose for their portrait painting. You must pick an artist whose style you admire, one that shares your vision and art style.

  • In a way, to paint a portrait means to celebrate your identity. It means to celebrate life. It is a way of ensuring that your legacy continues to live on in a special and unique way even after you are long gone.