Decorative painting uplifts the appeal of a living room or a workspace simply by the creative application of paint. It comes in all different styles and skill levels, from the most basic to the most subtle artist level creation. In all techniques, the effect of simply paint and thought can be of high impact. With an excellent reputation amongst leading decorative painting companies in Dubai, we provide all types of decorative painting including Wall Design, Floor Design, Mural Painting, Marble Design, Stencil Design and Concrete/Cement Finishing.

Decorative Painting Services By Thorough Experts

Wall Design & Decorative Painting Dubai

  • Wall Design is the most intuitive form of decorative painting for many. A simple example is to add a dark stripe to the wall just above the floor to give the impression of a floorboard where none is present. The idea is to add a design element to a wall, or walls. Another example would be to paint “handrails”, or blocks of color to suggest a paneling effect. Often when a really strong wall design is desired, the artists at our decorative painting company limit the design to just one accent wall. This gives us the feeling we can run wild on this accent wall while the rest of the room will remain calm, and mute/mellow the effect.

Marble Design

Decorative painting Sharjah and across the world has a long history. Marble design is one that has been with us very strongly over the centuries. Using pretty simple techniques, it is possible to create a marble-like effect on wood or any wall. This also gives a smooth shiny look to the surface. Often this includes painting an undercoat, then later an overcoat and mixing the colors with a stick. Most Victorian-era houses would have had this going one somewhere to create an artistic extravaganza. Even a very easy effort can result in striking and attractive looks.

Marble Staircase Painting Jaf

Stencil Design

  • We love to see stencils, they can be so effective, yet simple and easy to make and apply. Stencil is a figurative template to draw or paint shapes or patterns as a decoration.We can create stunning effects with an understated stencil design repeated along the floor,wall or ceiling. Stencils are generally applied with a paint or roller brush and can likewise be applied with a sponge for a finished impact.Choose a good design, and get your dream wall, floor or ceiling.

Concrete Finishing

We are tempted to say concrete finishing is the newest decorative painting technique we have gone over, only because finished concrete floors have increased so much in popularity over the past few decades. Really, Venetian plaster and other high-end concrete finishing techniques date back to the Romans. But today’s improvements in strength and appearance of paints now open up a whole new world of options to create a finished concrete floor or wall that inspires envy.

Gold & Silver Leafing

  • Gold leaf and silver leaf are used in art as a decoration material for paintings .Gold leaf is gold that has been pounded into slim sheets by goldbeating. Gold leaf is accessible in a wide assortment of karats and shades. The most ordinarily utilized gold is 22-karat yellow gold.Layering gold leaf over a surface is called gold leafing or overlaying. Similarly silver leaf is also used. It’s very durable since it will remain basically unaltered for many years without any issues.