Beveled Glass Design for your home or office by the top-notch artists in the United Arab Emirates. We provide beveled glass painting work according to your needs and specifications.

Beveled Glass Design

Beveled glass decor art on wall services Jaf Dubai

  • Beveled glass is a glass or mirror that has an angled surface cut around its periphery. It is usually thicker than unadorned glass. The tapered edges of the glass help in accentuating the frame, thus giving it a unique beauty that can only be described as an old-world charm. What makes beveled glass design so unique is that the angled cuts or bevels allow the glass or mirror to act as a prism when the sunlight hits it. This creates beautiful color diffraction where you can see a wide spectrum of colors resembling a rainbow. You wouldn’t see this in clear, unadorned glass.

The prime feature of beveled glass design is that the color diffraction brings out the intricacy of the glasswork. Professional artists carefully grind down the edges of a thick glass piece, then polish them down to create a beveled glass design. In addition to the aesthetic value of the design, it also has a practical purpose. By sanding down the glass or mirror edges, there is a lesser chance of people getting cut accidentally. This makes beveled glass design the perfect material where you want a beautiful, adorned glass or mirror, but where safety is also a priority.

Custom beveled glass design art services Jaf Dubai
Beveled glass design art services Jaf Dubai

  • Today, beveled glass has many applications. You may usually see the design in mirrors, but they are also extremely popular amongst windows, tabletops, doors, cabinet doors, suncatchers, ornaments, framing, nightstand, as well as architectural pieces. Beveled glass design adds an alluring appeal to glasses and mirrors, giving your space a luxurious yet cozy appeal. Many people often have pieces designed for their lobby wall or their dining room. It is also common to find beveled glass design in master bathrooms, where people place one large mirror or two smaller mirrors side by side.