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Abstract Painting

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  • Abstract painting is any painting that uses vague and indistinct elements such as shapes, forms, and colors to represent what the artist is painting, rather than having an accurate and direct depiction of what is being painted. An abstract painting achieves its effect using nothing from visual reality as its source.

  • The term abstract means to remove or separate something from another thing. So, in a sense, an abstract painting allows the painter to remove the concrete form from the subject and instead uses geometric shapes, colors, gestural marks, and other abstract elements to depict the object, landscape, figure, or state of mind that is being painted and reflected in the painting.

Abstract painting is non-objective and can often be interpreted in several ways, from person to person. Perhaps, that is why it is so powerful and can stir up so many different emotions. It allows you to see what you want to see as you project your own feelings to the painting. While the intention of the painter may be one thing, your interpretation of the painting may be something else entirely, and that’s what makes abstract art so interesting. Often, abstract painting is viewed as an artwork that carries a moral dimension. For example, an abstract painting may be used to represent a certain virtue such as innocence, purity, spirituality, or something darker such as chaos, lawlessness, evil, and so on.

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  • It was around the 1930s that abstract painting became extremely popular, and today, it has become an integral stream of modern art. However, even before the 1930s, abstract art has always been with us for centuries in one form or another.

  • As a genre of painting that is highly non-objective, it keeps evolving through the years, which is why it is such a vital representation of the creative energy of artists.